Two Days Longer

“Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus. So, when he heard that Lazarus was ill, he stayed two days longer in the place where he was” (John 11:5-6 ESV).

Two Days Longer

It looks like a mistake.

Questioning, I read it again.

Certain of His character,

Shining through the ink

Of these thin, precious pages,

but not following,

not understanding.


He waited

two days longer?

But He loved them!

Why did He not run

to make it right?

Why did He not tell the others

the plan

of what would follow?

Why not put minds to rest,

and still do the miracle?


But He holds back.


And I look at those two days

through the eyes of disbelief,

and cant see the purpose.

I see pain,

waves of sorrow,

the choking tears of grief.


Surely I would have run

to the side of my friends.

I would have comforted

the anxious hearts

and held the trembling hands.


But I am not the Saviour.


He looks through the eyes of faith,

and sees the Fathers plan.

He sees that loss will bring gain.

He knows that doubt will turn to faith.

He will watch tears of sorrow turn to joy.


Those two days of delay

lit a refiners fire in the hearts of those around

and brought the dross to the surface.


Those two days of delay

gave an opportunity

for believing disbelief,

miraculous healing,

unspeakable joy.


Those two days of delay

changed the eternity

of some who saw.


Those two days of delay

show me

that my waiting serves a purpose that isnt instantly seen.

That my suffering may reap a reward

that lasts longer than my life.

That my unbelieving heart

needs to trust in what I cannot see.


Those two days of delay call me to submit

the timing, the delays, the mistakes

to the Sovereign

All-knowing One,

who is weaving together a perfect plan,

who is measuring each wave that billows against me,

who is determining the length of my path,

and the weight of my cross,

who knows

exactly what to do

and when to wait

two days longer. 


Photo: Unsplash