This Child of Mine

A poem.

This Child of Mine

This child of mine

 has unlimited energy,

 boundless enthusiasm,

 relentless determination.

He finds all of the


 in my parental armour

 and, with well-timed blows,

 brings me staggering to

 my knees.

He is skilled at


 my weaknesses,


 on my cardboard idols,


 parental ideologies.




 lie in tatters

 in front of many onlookers,

 who witness the reality.


My Saviour reveals

 over time,

 through pain,

 the gift

 this is.

That the unmasking of

 my self-constructed facade,

 might give way

 to an open


 on the One

 who is really

 in control.


He shows me

 how outward obedience

 became fuel for


Pinnacles of comparison

 became a cause for


Self-congratulatory words

 carried the rank odour of pride,

 covering the

 sweet aroma of


 from my Sovereign God,

 so freely given.


And so I kneel in


 before my Saviour,

 for the precious “gifts” of



 and mayhem,

 which caused me to see


 of the rebellion,


 and mayhem

 in my heart.

And turn the



 and unmet expectations,

 over to Him,

 who, unbeknown to me,

 was using this child of mine

 to further His work

 in this child of His.