Doctrines That Divide (4) (1)

Life Issues

Life Issues

Alasdair talks to a range of guests about what the Bible has to say about some of life's most challenging issues.

  1. Life Issues (Part 1): Addiction

  2. Life Issues (Part 2): Fear

  3. Life Issues (Part 3): Comfort

  4. Life Issues (Part 4): Abuse

  5. Life Issues (Part 5) Anxiety

Secular Age

Navigating the Secular Age

Stephen Mullan explores how Christians can navigate the secular age that we live in.

  1. On Being Human in an Age of Materialism

  2. On Suffering in an Age of Prosperity

  3. On Choices in an Age of Self-Autonomy

  4. On Knowing God in an Age of Doubt

Prove It Series


In this mini-series, Paul and Stephen explore five proofs that the Bible is indeed the word of God.

  1. PROVE IT (Part 1): Prophecy

  2. PROVE IT (Part 2): Reality

  3. PROVE IT (Part 3): Oneness

  4. PROVE IT (Part 4): Verification

  5. PROVE IT (Part 5): Experience