Peace in Christ

He gives us hope, When hope is gone. He gives us strength, When we can’t go on. He gives us shelter, In the storms of life. When there’s no peace on earth, There is peace in Christ

Peace in Christ

Ever listen to a song on repeat for days on end? A song that just hits the spot? Yep, me too. Currently this is the song. As I write, these are the words playing, and more than ever I say ‘Amen’!

Peace, or rather the lack of it, has been on my mind since this whole pandemic first hit the UK. For the Christian, hope and peace are certain, something I am becoming increasingly grateful for.

In recent weeks my work has changed dramatically. I am now surrounded by COVID patients from morning till night.

The reality is that some of these people get better, others do not; some staff become unwell with it, others seem to escape; some are terrified at the prospect, and very, very few have peace.

Pitiful Sight

Today, a lady I have been treating for the past 10 days became very unwell, within 15 minutes we were told she had less than an hour to live.

Family were called but due to their own health conditions were unable to come in.

You would struggle to imagine a more pitiful sight, a frail and elderly woman whose body was ceasing to function.

Sure and Certain Hope

BUT, beneath the surface, lay a woman who had a sure and certain hope that she was about to step into eternity with her Lord.

She was alert but she was calm, and she had PEACE.

I had the privilege of holding this lady’s hand as she lived her last few moments.

The woman losing her fight with COVID was in the hands of the One who conquered death and that same One was carrying her safely into eternity.

My Sister

As I prayed with her, eyes dimmed with tears, I was struck that the patient lying helplessly next to me was, in fact, my sister. And my sister went through those pearly gates in confidence and peace.


I heard the word ‘tragic’ spoken numerous times afterward, but I knew the reality.

Yes, in the eyes of the world it was tragic, but for my sister, there was triumph.

Tonight, she sees her Lord; tonight, she worships her Saviour; tonight, she is in perfect health and tomorrow and every day to come she will be the same.

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety” (Psalm 4:8).