Christ is the Answer (3)

We have been considering how Christ is the answer. We saw in the first part how He is the answer to our biggest questions. In our last blogpost we looked at how He is the answer to our greatest need. Now I want us to think about how He is the answer to our deepest desires.

Christ is the Answer (3)

What do you really want more than anything else in the world?

Perhaps the answers that spring to mind aren’t the true answers to that question. Money, success, popularity clearly don’t satisfy – that experiment has been run thousands of times. Away back in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes we find Solomon tried to find satisfaction in these things. He discovered the human heart is too big for this world to fill. The idea that you would be satisfied if you had a better whatever is just not true.

So, what do you want? What would satisfy?

What about this – knowing you were loved, despite your past; having joy, no matter your present; having peace, whatever your future? If you had those blessings as a reality in your life would you really want anything else?

Well, those things are available for you in Christ.

1) You are loved despite your past

The idea of being fully known is scary. We all recognise we are flawed. Sometimes we even shock and disgust ourselves by our badness and we can be filled with self-loathing.

The amazing thing about God is that even though He knows us intimately and hates our sins infinitely, He still loves us indescribably.

He proved His love in the most costly way possible – giving Himself, in the person of the Son, to pay sin’s penalty.

God loves us, not because we are lovely, but because He is loving. His love can’t be won by our goodness or lost by our badness. And so, we can come to Him without pretence. We can bring to Him our sin and shame and know that He will not turn away any who come to Him in repentance.

2) You can have joy no matter your present

If your happiness depends on happenings, then it is vulnerable. Your source of happiness can be taken from you anytime and will be taken from you sometime.

But…if you have a source of joy that is independent of circumstances then you will always have it.

Christ gives a joy that this world can’t give, and that this world can’t take. The joy of salvation can’t be touched by the changes life brings. This means, no matter what is going on in the life of a Christian, he always has a reason to rejoice – he has a relationship with God. That is the source of ultimate joy and it can never change.

3) You can have peace whatever your present

There is massive uncertainty about the future – we don’t know what lies ahead.

And yet there is also one massive certainty about the future – we do know one thing that lies ahead – death.

The uncertainty and certainty are both causes of anxiety to many people.

However, in Christ there is peace.

As a Christian I know that no matter what the future holds, Christ will be with me in this life and I will be with Him in the next. That knowledge brings real peace.

I won’t have to face the problems of the future alone. Christ is my shepherd – I am not being led by mindless forces or heartless fate. Whatever He allows in my life has a purpose.

And I know that when this life is over, because I have received the salvation He has provided, I will be with Him forever in perfect peace.

There is no one like Jesus Christ. Through Him your biggest questions can be answered, your greatest need can be met, and your deepest desires can be satisfied.