Leave Space for Milk

Do you think a Christian should read the Bible every day?

Leave Space for Milk

You probably answered ‘yes’ because we all know we should.

Psalm 119 proves we should because reading the Bible gives:

  1. Light – to show us where to go (v.105)
  2. Food – to sustain our spiritual life (v.103)
  3. Strength – to help us through rough times (v.28)
  4. Cleansing – to purify us from sin (v.9)
  5. Fellowship – to get to know God better (v.57)

And we need all of these every day.

But do we actually read the Bible every day?

Recently a group of us were together discussing our Christian lives and one young mum candidly stated that she didn’t read the Bible every day. After a slight pause and a tumbleweed moment the rest of us admitted – neither did we.

This got me thinking – how could we do better?

Here are a few tips and hints that may help.

These are borne out of living through many stages of the Christian life.

They are the thoughts of someone who has tried them all and doesn’t have a perfect answer. 

Have a read and see if any suit your particular situation.

1. Daily reading plan

Make sure this is realistic as it is better to stick to something manageable than give up through the discouragement of falling behind. If you can’t read through the Bible in a year, read it in two years (or three!)

2. Daily Devotional

Use a daily study guide to accompany your Bible reading. The thoughts of others may help shed light on what is being said. 

3. Journal 

Use a pen and paper to focus your mind while reading. This does not have to be a detailed analysis of the text but may be some questions and observations. Just write things down. Observe. Interpret. Apply. Savour.

4. Audio Bible

Download an audio version of the Bible on to your phone to listen to. This can be done while walking, driving or working about the house. This is not as good as sitting down to have time with God but His word is still pouring into our hearts.