Christ is the Answer

The gospel is a message that focuses on Christ. It presents Him as the answer, but the answer to what?

Christ is the Answer

1) He is the answer to our biggest questions

It has been said that the biggest questions anyone can face in life are these: Is there a God? What is He like? How can I know Him?

In Christ we have the answer to these questions.

When we look at Him we can be sure that there is a God. How so? Because Jesus claimed to be the divine Son of God, and His character, teachings, miracles and resurrection testify to the truth of His claim.

While there have been many who have claimed to be the Son of God, only one of them is admired for the beauty of His life and teaching, and that is Jesus.

We know there is a God.

We can also know what that God is like.

When Christ claimed to be the Son of God He wasn't claiming to be less than God but to be equal with God. He was claiming to possess the nature and attributes of God. That means that He is the full revelation of God.

The Old Testament revelation of God was accurate, but not adequate. The prophets could only reveal part of the picture and tell a bit of the story. But in Christ we see the complete picture, the entire story.

People have their own ideas about what God is like, but we don't have to rely on our own ideas. God is Christ-like.

We see then that God is a God who cares about sin. While some might say God doesn't mind how we live and will never send anyone to hell, a look at Christ shows us otherwise. He warned repeatedly and vividly about the seriousness of sin and the awful reality of hell. God cares about sin.

But we also see that God cares for sinners. You might think God is detached from the suffering in the world and has no interest in us. Christ shows us that's not true. God has entered into the arena of human suffering. He suffered with us in sympathy, feeling the pain others felt. He was moved with pity and wept with those who wept. But He also suffered for us. He took the suffering we deserved for the wrong we have done so that we could be saved from it.

This is what God is like.

He is also the answer to the question, How can we know God?

Christ hasn't only made God known, He has made God knowable.

He has removed the barrier between us and God, and stands as the one mediator, the only way.

When we come to Christ for salvation He brings us into God's family.

He's the answer to our biggest questions. But He's also the answer to our greatest need, and we'll look at that in the next blogpost.