No Saviour?

I puzzle on the ways of God, His gift of grace for one so flawed.

No Saviour?

I puzzle on the ways of God,
His gift of grace for one so flawed.
Let’s get it straight right from the start,
With my dear Son I’d never part!
Yet still I’ve thought and wondered how
God could be God and yet allow
His grandest scheme to save the world
So shamefully to be unfurled?

A baby. What? Need I say more?
This is no way to win a war!
I would expect God’s right hand Man
To charm the crowds at His command.
But stranger still – a single mum!
Such scandal to the gossip’s tongue!
The song of drunkards could be heard
Mocking flesh could come from “Word”.1

But with all the scope of time at His disposal,
Could He not choose a better time for Israel.
Stay safe! And secure!
Not while under Roman rule!
Oppressed? Gotta fix!
That won’t work for politics!
I scratch my head and wonder how
It’s ever gonna work out now?

But, on the other hand, I love
That angels split the sky above!
Bells and whistles do seem fittin’
For God’s Son to come visitin’
But even more profound a feat
How shepherds got a front row seat!
The pieces of this messy tale
Confuse my human mind so frail.

And yet we must go lower still
For, though they sought to do His will,
The only refuge they could find
A stable graced with grit and grime.
I question, for I can’t conceive
How this reveals His dignity?
To my protests, He might well say:
“Behind Me get! This is My way.

My power and My glory hid
Inside a baby you would rid.
You scorn the meek, you are aghast!
The selfless characters I cast
In poverty and ill repute,
‘Cos Satan simply can’t compute
How weakness ever could prevail?
Obedience his plans derail?

In your scheming you’d remove the suff’ring parts;
The very code used to hide My work of art
So predictable!
Your pride leaves you vulner’ble!
If you had your way there’d
Be no Saviour to declare!
If you had your way there wouldn’t be
A gift for all humanity.” 

In humbleness I bow my frame;
I tried to box God in, what shame!
He danced upon the lines I drew;
His masterpiece explodes my view.




  1. See Psalm 69:12 and John 1:14