Faith Over Fear – A Shelter From The World

The first step in Jochebed’s journey of faith was to hide her son from those who sought his life. She didn’t know how she would continue to keep him safe, but she knew she must do what she could to save his life, so she took the first step. She kept him safely hidden in her house. He knew nothing of the dangers that surrounded him and the threat on his life.

Faith Over Fear – A Shelter From The World

When we consider our own children and the dangerous world around them, we can do what we can to ensure that their early years are ones of shelter and protection.

They should feel safe and loved from their earliest days. Our homes should be a haven from the world; a place where our children can grow, safe from harm. We should be guarding their minds from unnecessary fears by taking care what voices they are exposed to. Giving our children a foundation of love and security in which to flourish.

In those first few months of Moses’ life, Jochebed’s focus was on caring for Moses. I’m sure she did feel fear during that time about what the future might hold, yet her priority was on Moses’ well-being there and then. Her fears didn’t keep her from doing what she needed to do “now”.

Sometimes I have found my mind filled with fears about the future, to the point that I am not carrying out today’s responsibilities very well. My mind is far away, I am not being present in the moment with my children. I am not considering that they have needs today. I am worrying about future concerns; perhaps decisions around schooling, or fears of their future based on current behaviours. Or dreaming up a scary scenario that may or may not happen.

These thought patterns can really freeze us up in our day-to-day life with young children.

It is good to remember the words of the Lord Jesus.

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble” (Matthew 6:34).

When we live in the future, we are full of anxiety, our mind full of “what-ifs”.

But what if we, like Jochebed, focused on the present and put our energy to good use for the needs our children have today?

And as we look into their little faces, we remember that they are precious to God and entrusted to us. That we should do what we can to create a haven of security and love for our children; an environment for them to grow in confidence, knowing they are loved unconditionally; a place where the world does not encroach, where they can live in peace and safety.

Doing this will give them a solid foundation beneath them.

There will come a time when they need to step out into the world and we need to prepare them for that. I love how Jochebed did this but that’s the subject of the next article!