Open Ear (Part 1)

Why I believe the Bible is what it claims to be – God’s Word.

Open Ear (Part 1)

I was standing in the queue waiting to be served and got into a bit of small talk with the woman next to me. She asked me what I worked at, and I told her I teach people about the Bible. She looked at me like I’d just sprouted another head and asked sincerely, “Why would you do something like that?” I didn’t have long but the substance of my response was that I do it because I am convinced that the Bible is true, and if it is then it has a message we can’t afford to ignore. 

Anyone who knows anything about the Bible’s message would have to admit that if it is true then it is infinitely important. Questions that puzzle and plague us about our origin, purpose and eternal destiny are all answered in the Bible. It claims to tell us the way to avoid eternal misery and have eternal happiness. If the Bible is true then we need to pay attention to it.

But that if is the issue – if it is true. 

Maybe you are sure the Bible isn’t true, maybe you don’t know. Whatever your current beliefs are, I am glad you are reading this and that you are giving me a chance to tell you some reasons why I believe the Bible is what it claims to be – God’s Word.

The claim that the Bible is God’s Word is the claim that it is His message – God is speaking. The words came through men, but they came from God. The result is that the Bible communicates exactly what God wanted it to say; it teaches exactly what God wants us to know.

That’s quite a claim. How could anyone know? My suggestion is you use your ear

EAR is the acronym I am going to use as I give three reasons why I believe the Bible is the Word of God.

  • Experience – you can encounter the power and presence of God through the Bible for yourself;
  • Agreement – the many books of the Bible interlock in a way that defies human ingenuity;
  • Revelation – the Bible reveals things about the future that were beyond the ability of the writers to know or influence.

These aren’t all the reasons I have, and I won’t go into depth on any of these points. If you want to dig deeper there are resources available on this website. I hope, though, that there will be enough here in these articles to make you think, and to convince you that there are good reasons to believe the Bible. If you have an open ear, I believe you will hear God speak.